Lawn mowing in Woodbury, MN is an art.  Most of the residents take pride in their lawn and want it to look as good as possible.  Unfortunately, many of those residents are professionals who just don’t have time (or want to make the time) to take care of their property. With that knowledge, we have created a team dedicated to treating every lawn like it’s their own.  We also know that nobody wants to have to worry about if their lawn guy is going to show up.  If there is a delay or some other issue, we will let you know what’s going on and what the plan of action is.

Our employees all have experience and the know-how to mow a lawn properly to get the best results.  When hiring an employee, we ask ourselves, “Does (s)he really care about their work?”  We only want people who actually care about the work they do on our team.

We provide lawn maintenance packages that can be customized for any yard and budget.

What sets us apart from our competition?

  • Garbage pick-up – Have some trash that blew into your yard?  We don’t just mow it over, chop it up, and create a huge mess.  We take the time to pick it up and properly dispose of it
  • Trimming – Our guys take a little extra time to make sure the trimming around your landscaping and hard to reach areas is done properly.  We don’t miss spots or scalp the ground.
  • Blowing – We blow any grass clippings from landscaping, sidewalks, driveways, patios, etc.
  • Final Walk-Through – After each mow, our crew leader walks the yard to make sure nothing was missed and mistakes weren’t made.  With that said, we are human and sometimes mistakes do happen.  However, we are diligent about informing you about any problems that occur and the plan to resolve the issue.
  • Goals – Every one of our employees is on the same page about the goals of our business: To complete the job like they would do for their own yard.  We don’t cut corners to get home faster.

Believe it or not, there is an art to lawn mowing.  Many people don’t realize that for the best results, you should change the direction you mow each cut.  Also, weather needs to be taken into account when determining the height to mow the lawn.  In the spring, you can cut the lawn shorter because there is usually plenty of rain and the temperatures are cooler.  In the heat of the summer, you want to be sure to mow higher because it’s typically much hotter and there is less rain.  Mowing longer prevents the lawn from drying out on those long summer days.


In addition to mowing your lawn properly, there are other things that can be done to keep your lawn and green and healthy as possible.

Dethatching removes thatch that built up from the clippings that fall from lawn mowings.  One way to tell if you need a dethatch is to walk on your grass.  If the lawn feels spongy, you likely need one.  Another way to determine is to stick your fingers in the grass.  If there is a layer of dead grass between your fingers, you may need a dethatch.  A layer of thatch that is too thick prevents proper water and nutrients from getting to the roots of the grass, so it’s important to keep it properly maintained.

Aerating loosens up soil that is too compacted.  When the dirt in your yard is too hard, it is difficult for water and nutrients to get to the roots of the grass.  It is also difficult for the roots to grow and the grass definitely suffers.