Fall is a very busy time in Woodbury. With all the festive activities comes a rash of work that residents must take care of if they want to have a nice lawn the next year. One of the most important things to get done is fall yard work.  What you do to your lawn in the fall can make all the difference in the spring.

GT Lawns is proud to provide exceptional fall cleanup services for residents and business owners in Woodbury.  As always, we can tailor our packages to meet your requirements and budget.

With our full service fall cleanup, your yard will be spic and span and should require very little maintenance when spring rolls around (unless mother nature has other plans and decides to deposit debris in your yard after we’ve finished).  With a full fall cleanup, we blow the leaves and organic matter from your landscaping, cut down any perennials, and pick up the leaves in the yard, and haul everything away.

If you’re on a tighter budget and just want to get the leaves out of the yard for now, we refer to that as a “leaf cleanup.”  For us, a leaf cleanup only includes picking up the leaves that are in the grass.  There is no detail work, so the cost is less.

Typical fall services include:
Fall Cleanup
Leaf Removal
Fertilizer & Weed Control Applications

Fall is also a good time to get other services done, too.  Dethatching and aerating are two services that are typically done when the weather starts cooling down.

Aerting is the process of creating little holes in the ground to create a healthy lawn.  Aerating benefits the grass in a few different ways.  The first is that it loosens up the compacted dirt.  If your ground is very hard, it can be difficult for nutrients to get into the soil.  It is also difficult for grass to grow and spread like it should.

Dethatching is the process of removing the dead grass (thatch) from the bottom layer of your lawn.  If you walk on your lawn and it feels soft or spongy, that’s a good sign that you have too much thatch built up and need to have it removed.  When we dethatch, there is a lot of debris that comes out of the grass, but we haul away and dispose of everything for you.  There is a debate about whether the best time of year for dethatching is spring or fall.  Some people will fight to the death about which is better, but we feel that there are equal advantages and disadvantages to both options.

Mulching in the fall is also a great option.  You can get your new mulch down and it will be fresh and ready for you in the spring.  Mulching in the fall also helps prevent weeds in the spring by lessening the seeds’ ability to get to the ground and germinate.  For the seeds that do germinate, you will find that they are much easier to pull because they aren’t actually growing in the soil but in the loose mulch.